For better or worse, preparing units for tenant turnover is part of every property manager’s job. There’s good news, though. Just a few simple strategies can go a long way toward making turnover process more efficient and cost-effective. Best of all, chances are that turnover will ultimately generate a higher rent rate for your unit.

Readying your unit began when your current tenant moved-in. You walked unit with the tenant, preparing a written report on the condition of unit; when tenant leaves, walk through for inspection is needed to re-rent unit.

The unit is to be vacated. You want your unit to be upgraded and ready for the next tenant. Painting, Clean carpet, clean unit and other necessary improvements; who to call? RMS Contractors, Inc. has the potential to provide quality and prompt services.

Getting unit ready for next tenant is essential that’s why RMS Contractors, Inc. take every project with unique attention to deliver a modernize living space for your next tenant.